"I'm here for our guests they're why I do my job and they come first"  

We have an in-house Training Manager who ensures staff undergo a comprehensive individual training program in addition to diploma training. To ensure the highest level of care and knowledge on procedures throughout both Fairfax and Inwood. New staff, no matter their background will go through a rigorous induction program to ensure they are up to date with the latest care standards from governing bodies. And to impart our values and a clear understanding of best interest into our care. New Staff then complete shadow shifts to give them chance to find their feet and meet our guests. 

Best people to know

Mr and Mrs Butchers Directors of Fairfax House and Inwood house

Mandy Pearcey: Manager at Fairfax House

Diana Butchers: Interim Manager at Inwood House

 Jackie Noble: Training Manager

Petra Roberts: Book keeper

Tiffany Wyatt: Care manager at Fairfax House

Jiju Nair: Care manager at Inwood House