Quality Control

CQC inspection reports came back as GOOD for both our homes. 

There are many quality management procedures carried out to ensure standards are maintained and improved. We strive to provide an excellent service but recognise from time to time something may go wrong. In which case there is always someone to inform so the problem can be sorted.

Guests Meetings

We hold a monthly guests meeting between staff and guests in order to gain  their view's on how the home is running. Often it's the best way for staff to get feed back in an informal manner.  

Relatives Meetings

These are held with the manager to pass on information about any changes in the home and to update relatives on ongoing care needs.  Very often we have relatives catch our managers in their office for a quick informal catch up. Something that is great to keep every one in the loop and on the same page.

Support Plan

In addition to internal reviews. Individual support plan reviews are conducted at a frequency determined by the level of care our guest requires. These give health professionals and relatives the opportunity to have formal input into the guest's support plan.