Hearty home made food.

Menu Planning is carried out between chefs, residents and managers. Alternatives are available for those who would prefer something else or have dietary needs.

Brief idea of our regularly changing menu.


is a selection of cereals, porridge, toast, fruit, fruit juice and tea or coffee. Either in rooms or in the dining room. With breakfast club once a week. A full English breakfast served in the dining room with the option of having it somewhere quieter.

Morning tea and coffee...

Tea or coffee served with biscuits.


Consists of classic home made well balanced meal. Any thing from Pies, lasagne, stew, fish and chips on a Friday to a Sunday roast. Followed by a fresh pudding.

Afternoon tea...

Tea or coffee served with home made cake. Ice lollies or ice creams for those extra hot hot days when nothing else will do.


There is a choice of a hot main such as a pasta dish or corn beef hash. Sandwiches or home made soup. Followed by a classic pudding of tinned or fresh fruit and ice cream, jelly, angel delight, strudel and more.

Eight o'clock drinks 

Horlicks, hot chocolate, tea or coffee with biscuits and or sandwiches.

24 hour:

There is always a member of staff around night or day to make a cuppa or grab a bite if the munchies strike.

If we haven't asked you then ask us for a cuppa or refreshment to enjoy with your relative when you visit.

Its never a problem, give us a ring to let us know if you'd like to join us for a lunch. We can arrange a space in the dining room or in a quieter spot. So you can share a meal with your loved ones.

Tuck shop: we have a tuck shop full of sweets, chocolates and crisps that our guests are able to buy to keep them going.

Along with essential toiletries to ensure they don't get caught short.

Once a year we put on a summer  BBQ  in  both homes and a Christmas party for our guests to enjoy with their  relatives. You will receive an invitation prior asking how many will be coming. These events are lovely occasions for staff, relatives and guests to get to know one another.